Sunday, November 29, 2015

Journey Girl's Teal Layered Celebrate Outfit Reviewed

Callie in the New Teal Tiered Celebrate Outfit

The celebrate outfits from Toys R Us are elegant dresses created to compliment the special edition holiday doll released each year, this year that doll is Giovanna.  There are four celebrate dresses released this year.  The dress being reviewed today is a full length tiered teal colored dress.  It comes with shoes and a handbag and retails for around $19.99.  Satin like fabric makes up most of the dress, with chiffon pleated overlay for the tiered skirt. 

The dress has a square neckline with wide shoulder straps that have pleats also. The entire top of the dress is satin, with the light pleated overlay beginning as an empire waist.  Two layers of pleated chiffon like material create a skirt that is reminiscent of a flapper dress, but longer.  

The first layer goes to just below the knee and the second goes to top of Callie’s shoes.  The dress is form fitting on the top, but flows freely from there down.  It Velcro's up the back for easy changes.

The accessories that come with the celebrate dresses are sparse.  As with most of the outfits made for the Journey Girls, the celebrate outfits come with the standard plastic low heel dress shoes.  They work, but are nothing special.  It would be awesome to get some higher end fabric shoes, especially with a special edition dress like this.

The clutch is also very similar to many other purses that have been released with other Journey Girls outfits.  A wrist strap is attached to the side of the clutch and fits perfectly around Callie’s wrist.  The clutch is open at the top with a shimmery gathered ribbon around the opening.  It does not latch closed, and it’s pretty small to carry much.  The Journey Girl cell phone doesn’t even fit in it.

All ratings are out of 10

Value 8 – The dress is what you are paying for with the celebrate outfits.  The shoes are the normal flats that come with so many of the Journey Girl outfits.  Although the clutch is pretty, it is nothing amazing.  It’s too bad that shoes and the clutch don’t match the quality of the dress.

Fitment 10– This dress fits beautifully, which is exactly what you expect for a dress made specifically for the Journey Girls. 

Versatility 6 – This is a fancy dress and as such really doesn’t have much versatility.  Even though the shoes are the same as so many other shoes, the color is unique to this outfit and could be used as an offsetting color for another outfit.  Unfortunately there just aren’t many different uses for a one-piece semi-formal dress.

Cuteness 8 – Though it’s not very versatile, the dress is very pretty.  The design of the dress is different, with the two-layered skirt and the empire waist, it works wonderfully together.  

Overall 8 – Like the pink celebrate dress from this year and most of the celebrate dresses from last year, this dress is made well, but it is lacking the accessories to make it an amazing outfit.  This outfit is, along with the pink celebrate outfit, are both much more elegant than last years celebrate outfits (Except the teal outfit).  They come closer to matching Giovanna’s dress in style.  Even though the shoes are not awesome, this dress is still worth picking up if you like an elegant dress.


Farrah Lily said...

Hi JK,
Great review! It's interesting to see how long this dress is as I'm not sure I would've thought it would be "floor length". I'm curious to see if it sells well as I'm not sure little girls would be as interested in something so elegant, compared to the cute little "tea length" dresses AG usually produces. I like this because it's different. :)

JGKelsey said...

It is neat that is different. I really like the full length dresses. Now I have to find a place that the girls can wear them.